Bereavement Care Trust offer a programme of short courses designed to meet the specific needs of anyone dealing with death and dying.

We originally presented a training and knowledge programme for 8 years in Norfolk and Suffolk within a corporate  company as well as establishing a ‘caring hands’  bereavement awareness programme  for  independent funeral companies and have now launched the programme in  Cheshire.

Our aim in expanding and developing  the programme has been to build in flexibility in providing a wide subject base identified by the funeral sector and care homes, to include approaching sensitive conversations as well as bereavement and funeral choices.

In developing the programme we have worked with a team training associates and funeral directors, we are bereavement counsellors.

Our objectives and aims are to provide a quality training and educational programme to anyone who wishes to increase their awareness  due to being involved with bereavement through the workplace or personal experience.


Good bereavement care matters.

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