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The seminar helped show me how I can support patients and families after a death. It increased my knowledge to be able answer their questions.

Patricia Lee – Red House Hospice

I felt the whole seminar was beneficial and gave me a better understanding which I can pass on to our families.

Steve Jones – St Johns Care Home

I thought this wasn’t for me and went along out of curiosity. However I found all the information very interesting and it gave me a better understanding of bereavement when dealing with pupils who have lost someone and if a child from the school dies.  The presentations were dealt with in a very professional manner and are valuable to everyone.  This is something that is very much needed in our schools as we are often unaware how to help children.

Joanna Dicks – School teacher

Just to say thank you, I felt I was out of my depth when talking to people who were terminally ill. With your understanding and gentle guiding I was able to ask many questions which you answered without making me feel silly.

Liz Beaumont –Ford House Nursing Home

This seminar was different to the normal boring presentations; it was very proactive, with a ting of humour. The important information was put across with excellent clarity and made you stop and think. As well as realising just how much there is involved in arranging a funeral.

Andy Johnson—Manager Broadhurst Care Home

I have now realised that young children need to talk about their feelings and problems just as much as adults do. Children understand more than we often give them credit for.

Michael Thomas - Junior School Teacher





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