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Approaching Sensitive Conversations
As our parents and patients in Nursing and Care Homes, become less mobile, we often have to explain to them that we understand how difficult things are becoming. However we are also aware that they will not want to admit that they are finding things hard. We cover how to broach the very sensitive subject of taking care and looking after themselves.


Awareness of Bereavement issues
The tutorial is an introduction into bereavement care and will help understand some of the issues that surround those who are grieving. How to support them with understanding and sensitivity.

Loss and Grief
This tutorial has been designed to help delegates become more aware and more empathic when dealing with the bereaved person’s emotions.

Funeral Awareness Seminar
Provides delegates with the basic knowledge of what happens from the time of death until after the funeral. In the seminar we also cover asking patients if they have any special wishes for their funeral and also regarding funeral plans.

Caring for the deceased
The various procedures in which a funeral director cares for the deceased are explored in this tutorial, from the moment they are informed about the death (First Call) until after the funeral takes place.

The Coroner
To be advised that a death is to be reported to a Coroner can be extremely distressing when you don’t understand why. This tutorial explains the role of the Coroner and the reasons why some deaths are reported.

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